• Phyllis Belden

    Phyllis Belden

  • Tfbelden


  • Gil Bashe

    Gil Bashe

    Ambassador for health communications as the bridge connecting healers and those seeking to be healed. Medika Life author and editor-in-chief.

  • Trevor Lavigne

    Trevor Lavigne

  • Amanda Edwards

    Amanda Edwards

    Healer Through Sound & Reiki. Certified Wellness Coach. Relearning How to Live a Simple Joyful Life. http://ApramadaLifestyle.com

  • Venturer


    Exploring ideas, growing as a person, trying to figure things out & writing about it. New to Medium.

  • C.J. Gatna

    C.J. Gatna

  • Kenji Jasper (He/Him/His)

    Kenji Jasper (He/Him/His)

    A veteran of entertainment media, I’m the author of the acclaimed books Dark and The House on Childress Street. I don’t write to live but I live to write.

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